Miyazawa Enhancements

A comprehensive selection of options are available so that you can perfectly customize your new instrument.  For more detailed information on these options please visit our FAQ page.

Series High E Facilitator Split EC# TrillC#/D# Rollers
PB-102$80$250N/A$150 Each
PB-202$80$250$600$150 Each
PB-402 & 602 $80$250$600$150 Each
Vision $80$600$850$200 Each
Boston C. & Elite $80$600$950$200 Each

Inline or offset G Keys

All models are available with your choice of offset or inline G keys to provide a left wrist position that is most comfortable for you.  There are no pitch or tonal differences.

C# Trill

The C# trill key simplifies many awkward trill and tremolo fingerings.  It is very helpful in difficult technical passages.  The use of the C# trill key when playing open C# greatly improves tone color and pitch.

For more information including  a fingering chart, please see the article on the C# trill key.

Split E Mechanism

The split E divides the action of the upper and lower G keys, permitting the lower G to close when the third octave E natural is aplayed.  This mechanism ensures tonal stability of the high E, secure attacks and smooth slurs between the third octave A and E.

For more information, please see our article “The Split E Mechanism and the High E Facilitator”.

High E Facilitator

An effective, economical alternative to the split E, this donut-shaped ring inserted into the lower G tonehole (show here without the G keys) improves the response of the flute’s high E without adversely affecting other notes.  The high E can be added to any flute at any time and can also be removed later if desired.

For more information including, please see our article “The Split E Mechanism and the High E facilitator”.


The D# and C# rollers help to smooth the movement between the C# and D# keys of the footjoint.