Trevor James C Flutes, Alto & Bass Flutes

The Trevor James Blaze Piccolo

Grenadilla wood piccolo with silver plated keys.     $1495.00

The Trevor James 10x Flute

Designed to be free-blowing and easy to play. Features a specially shaped headjoint to assist the player to more quickly develop their emboushure and pitch stability, ideal for beginning students.

All 10x flutes are silver plated, plateau style keys and offset G key.

ListOur Price
Straight Headjoint$979Call for price!
Straight & Curved$1199Call for price!

The Trevor James Voce Series Flutes

The new Voce Series flutes are an excellent range of instruments catering to the newer player wanting their first instrument to be a step above, through to the serious performer with advanced instrument requirements.  All Voce Series flutes are open hole, have pointed key-arms for mechanical stability and a B-foot joint.  We service what we sell.

Privilege – Silver-plated headjoint tubing, body, foot & mechanism.
Voce Series:  Chanson – Sterling silver Voce headjoint with silver-plated body, foot and mechanism
Voce Series:  Virtuoso – Sterling silver Voce headjoint and body tube with silver-plated keys.

ListOur Price
Chanson Voce Series$2450$1695
Virtuoso Voce Series$3950$2750
Off-set G keyno chargeavailable on all TJ models
Split Eadd $250available on all TJ models with an offset G
Silver Lip Plate & Riseradd $120upgrade to the Privilege
Wood lip and riseradd $250available on Cantabile and Virtuoso models
Heavy-wall tubingadd $200available on Virtuoso models
C# Trill keyadd $300available on Virtuoso models

We service what we sell!  Financing available.

Trevor James Alto and Bass Flutes

Alto Flutes:

All alto flutes include:

A sterling silver lip plate and riser with drawn and rolled tone holes, a D# roller, pointed key arms and mother-of-pearl touch pieces.

Bass Flutes

Sterling silver lip plate and riser with soldered toneholes, B flat key to B natural thumb key roller, pointed key arms, mother-of-pearl touch pieces and left hand support crutch.

ListOur Price
Silver Plated Alto
Straight Headjoint$2895$1995
Curved Headjoint$3050$2150
Both Headjoints$3695$2695
Copper Alloy Tubing Alto
Straight Headjoint$3695$2595
Curved Headjoint$3995$2750
Both Headjoints$4975$3395
Bass Flute
Silver Plated$5195$3895

We service what we sell!  Financing available.