No Obligation Flute Trials – Here in our shop, or in your home.

A no-obligation flute or piccolo trial can usually be scheduled in one to three weeks.  You must be at least 18 years of age or have the consent of your parent to qualify for a trial.

All the flutes in our inventory have been chosen because they play superbly and all of them are available for sale.

If you can’t make it to Dartmouth, we are more than happy to ship your trial flute or piccolo to your address.

Fees for trials:

Miyazawa & Sankyo Flutes, Hammig Piccolos:  The fee for a no-obligation flute trial is $45.00 for the first flute and $20.00 for each additional flute that you wish to try.  There is no additional charge for the selection of extra headjoints that accompanies each new flute.

Trevor James & Lyric C Flutes:  The fee for a no-obligation flute trial is $25.00 for the first instrument and $10.00 for each additional flute that you wish to try.

Alto & Bass Flutes:  The fee to trial any alto or bass is $95.00

Trial Information:

The trial fee must be charged to a credit card, and a drivers license scan or photo is also required.

If you choose to purchase an instrument from us the trial fee is subtracted from the purchase price.

The length of the trial period is 6 days.  Please call us to talk about the trial process, or click here to fill out a trial request form.

You are responsible for shipping items back that you do not wish to purchase.  (Please use the packaging that we sent with the flute.)

The Process of Choosing a New Flute or Piccolo:

It can be confusing to try several flute bodies and headjoint combinations:

First, think about eliminating items that work least well for you, then make your choice from the items remaining.  Play for yourself, your teacher, and your peers in an environment that you are used to before making a final decision.

Our advice for choosing a headjoint:

As you are making your decision, gravitate towards the head joint that has the most beautiful sound and octaves that have a matching tonal quality & pitch.  Don’t be too concerned about the flexibility or articulation of the head joint, that will come along as you get used to your new flute.

FYI:  Some businesses keep the best flutes they have ever made, in their inventory permanently.  Known as “exhibit flutes” they are presented to customers as trial flutes for the purpose of ordering a new instrument.  Of course you can’t be sure what you’ll wind up with when you order an instrument!  Even the most meticulous manufacturers make a lemon now and then.

We have guided hundreds of flutists as they select a new instrument, and hope that you will give us the opportunity to help you get started towards your dream of a new flute or piccolo!

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