Repair & Service

You have an intimate connection to your flute…..

Our senior repair technician, Jeffrey P. Schmalz brings 37 years of repair and 46 years of playing experience to the maintenance of flutes and piccolos. An accomplished flutist, Jeffrey thoroughly tests your instrument after repairs have been made, to make sure it will play perfectly, with the lightest touch and to your liking!

Straubinger Pads

Jeffrey was trained and certified by David Straubinger to service and install Straubinger Pads. We are an authorized Straubinger Flute and Piccolo Service Center.

Authorized Flute Service

The New England Flute Shop is an authorized full service dealer for the Miyazawa Flute, The Sankyo Flute, The Hammig Piccolo, The Trevor James Flute, The Lyric Flute as well as an authorized repair technician for most makes of professional flutes.

We work on most C flute and piccolo brands as well as most bass and alto flutes, including:

Professional Flutes & Piccolos

  • Altus Flutes
  • Brannen Brothers Flutes
  • Burkart Flutes & Piccolos
  • Emanuel Flutes
  • Hammig Piccolos
  • Haynes Flutes & Piccolos
  • Keefe Piccolos
  • Mateki Flutes
  • McKenna Flutes
  • Miyazawa Flutes
  • Muramatsu Flutes
  • Nagahara Flutes
  • Powell Flutes & Piccolos
  • Sankyo Flutes
  • Williams Flutes
  • Weissman Piccolos

Intermediate or Pre-Professional Flutes & Piccolos

  • Armstrong Flutes and Piccolos
  • Amadeus Flutes
  • Avanti Flutes
  • Azumi Flutes
  • Brio Flutes
  • Burkart & Phelan Flutes
  • Dimedici Flutes
  • Di Zhao Flutes
  • Galway Spirit
  • Gemeinhardt Flutes and Piccolos
  • Jupiter DeMedici Flutes
  • Lyric Flutes
  • Pearl Flutes
  • Sonare Flutes
  • Trevor James Flutes
  • Yamaha Flutes and Piccolos